Welcome to Florida’s Gardens: A complete guide to Florida’s public gardens region by region

It is no coincidence that the earliest of explorers to this area were taken by the unique floral abundance found here, and named this place in honor of the feast of flowers: Pascua de Florida. Today Florida is renowned for the unparalled beauty of its seasonal and year-round botanical bounty.

From stunning displays of stalwart azaleas and camellias that mark the state’s Panhandle region and northern counties, to the rolling hills of citrus country in the temperate Central region, to blooming lignum vitae, gumbo limbo, coconut palms and orchids found all the way down in the steamy tropics of the Everglades and Florida Keys, these and other plants can be seen in hundreds of public and botanic gardens throughout the state of Florida.

These gardens present a tableau of unequalled variety, interest, beauty and educational opportunity. These numerous public gardens represent the vivid scope of plant material that thrives in various regions of this state.

Hundreds of botanic gardens range from tiny niches that are open to public visitation, to some of the most distinguished and renowned botanical gardens in not only this state, but in the entire country as well.

These gardens display and serve as botanical teaching and inspirational examples, provide for preservation of rare and endangered species and include ornamental plants of both perennial and annual species, shrubs and trees including rare and exotic fruit and nut trees, as well as fruits, nuts and vegetables that thrive in the state’s unique and varied climactic regions.

Many of these gardens are operated by non-profit organizations or the state of Florida. Some are strictly commercial enterprises. Others are maintained by garden clubs or Master Gardener groups, and still others are the products of masterful and dedicated individual gardeners and homeowners. Yet more are natural areas, Mother Nature’s gardens, preserved for all to enjoy. All are special and each is unique. Now, find that special Florida garden close to you.